India's new FTR750 dirt track racing engine

India's new FTR750 dirt track racing engine

There are three words that come to mind when thinking of the new FTR750 dirt track racing engine from Indian and those are compact, narrow, and lightweight. In other words, it has become more practical and with less expense by weight.

The following are some specifications and details on Indiana´s new engine.  It might bring the 50-year battle between Indian and Harley-Davidson to a conclusion.

Not much information has been revealed about the engine, but there are several things that are out there for us to start checking. It is already known that the engine is an 88.0 x 61.5mm bore & stroke four-valve DOHC liquid-cooled V-twin delivering 109 horsepower at 10,000 rpm.  

Indian’s plan has been, since January this year, to design an engine from the ground up. The idea is to release it in September, 2016. This is an all-new dirt-tracker. 

Polaris, owner of the brand, is guiding the development of this engine that marks the return of House Springfield to flat tracks.   There has been great advance in development and performance.

One important aspect that designers focused on was the fact that dirty racing involves limited traction.  Indian Motorcycle Product Director Gary Gray considers that the rear in these scenarios is like a “70-hp tire”.  This means that torque provided by a dirt track engine has to be able to provide the most grip at all times.

The Indian is said to go as much as 10,000, but demos showed at least 11,400.  The interesting part is that at 10,000 rpm, the FTR750´s peak piston acceleration is only half that of a World Superbike ZX-10R and 65% when at 11,400. This design allows for higher revs and power when needed.

With a four-speed gearbox and an aluminum shift drum, the new Indian engine promises to contain all the advances needed for greater performance at a great efficiency.



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